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Inviting participants of collaborative projects to share their work and experiences with a broader public can be not only individually empowering, but can also contribute to far-reaching social change that influences social opinion and affects entire communities. The resources below help you think through what to consider when dealing with the press or planning a public event.

Find resources below on how to plan an exhibition, write a press release, and considerations for dealing with the press.

Key ideas:

1. Before agreeing to do a press interview, research who you will be talking to. How have they covered the issue in the past?

2. Inquire about the length of the segment and prepare accordingly. Are they looking for a sound bite or something more in-depth.

3. Explore worse-case scenarios regarding press exposure in order to prepare participants and assess if the press is beneficial to the individuals involved.

4. Rehearse questions the press might ask.

5. Respect an individual's decision to decline to be in the media spotlight.

6. Ensure that participants are accompanied by team members and a facilitator, whenever dealing with the press.

Tips taken from p. 67 of the book - chapter 3