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New mapping technologies have gained the attention of artists and individuals using maps as organizational or analytic tools. Mapping Memories used a variety of mapping methods from the most basic drawing exercises to software that helped link personal narratives to online references. In this section find a 'timeline' exercise and mapping resources.

The Tactical Technology Collective in their resource, “Maps for Advocacy” explains how maps help to visualize communities by representing links between places, events, and facts. For more information on how we integrated mapping into our projects download chapters 2 and 5 under BOOK in the navigation bar.

Mapping Resources:

The Tactical Technology Collective
offers a free booklet that serves as an introduction to geographical mapping techniques and a guide to using mapping in advocacy work.

The suggests tools to use in mapping your space.

Notes For a People’s Atlas provides tips on how to make a map about things that are important to you and examples of other people’s maps.

In the NFB documentary Our Nationhood, an aboriginal group struggles to define themselves as a nation and to assert their belonging to their traditional land.

Some places were once a home for people but are changing. Check out ‘The Making of The Corner’ and discuss whether remembering a sense of home that doesn’t exist anymore can result in change.