Going Places: A MemoryScape Bus Tour of Montreal

Going Places is an audio immersive bus tour and now a virtual tour (available on our interactive map) led by young adults impacted by a refugee experience who share personal stories and offer a unique perspective into “their” Montréal. Experience their powerful images and original soundscapes.

Look for our 'Behind the Scene' video about the tour on our video page.

We invite you on a tour of Montreal not found on an ordinary city map. Discover stories that connect the past to the present, personal memories to public spaces, and stories that provide insights into the refugee experience in Montreal.

This virtual tour takes you to a Vietnamese store in the diverse Cotes-des-Neiges neighborhood where a Congolese/Montrealer has found ingredients to create a meal that tastes likes “home”. The tour visits the YMCA – the first stop for refugees and newcomers to Montreal - via the poetic narration of a Zimbabwe immigrant who arrived alone with “one piece of luggage and a a ton of hope ….” Click below and discover the challenge of placing displacement through the inter-generational narratives of two Palestinian women. Enjoy a unique recipe a Syrian Jewish immigrant shares with her granddaughter. Experience the route of the Rwandan commemorative walk and hear the stories of three young women negotiating loss, family secretes, and the revitalization of community within the Rwandan Tutsi community.

Going Public was a collaborative effort with Montréal Life Stories Project and Montréal’s YWCA.
A special thanks goes out to Deb VanSlet and Anne-Renée Hotte of Concordia Communications and to David Ward for his ongoing contributions. In addition to this 'virtual tour' we led actual BUS TOURS on Sunday May 30th, 2010: June 1st 2010, and again in March 2011. We are planning another cialis sans ordonnance tour for March 2012.