Entry Point: Queer Refugees in Montreal

This social media project introduced first time filmmakers from Africa, Caribbean and Central/South America to a variety of media skills in order to share their personal narratives. Offering a unique perspective regarding refugee experiences in Quebec and Canada, these 13 documentaries illustrate the complexity of being forced to leave everything connected to home behind and powerfully convey the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) refugees living in Montreal.

Overall Project Goals
While each participant brought their own objectives, the overall goals for this social media project was to:

• Allow people to tell their stories on their own terms
• Offer an introduction to media skills (story development, sound scapes and recording, photo)
• Use workshops as a space to bring people together and tell stories
• Take stories public (public intervention) – response to new climate of policy reform

Animatrices/Animateurs du projet
Liz Miller, Amélie Waddell, Renata Militizer, Kevin Stanley and Ed Lee.